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Is nesting a better custody arrangement?

You're trying to work through your divorce with your spouse. You're working together because, above all else, you want to put the children first. That's been your goal from the first time you ever talked about this. You're committed to doing what it takes.

The problem is that every custody plan the two of you come up with really seems like it disrupts the children's lives.

Try collaborative methods to resolve custody disputes

You're in the middle of a custody battle, and it's extremely frustrating. Nothing you've done has ever made it seem like you're not a good parent, yet your spouse is trying to make it sound like you're not there for your family.

It's important that you and your spouse try to come to a resolution together. This kind of situation is bad for your children and bad for both of you. You'll need to work together in the future to raise your children, and barring any unusual circumstances, the court would likely rule to provide both of you with shared custody.

Is tax avoidance the same thing as tax evasion?

The tax code in the United States is complex and very confusing. Even professional accountants with a four-year degree and decades of experience could make mistakes about tax rates and write-offs given how frequently the regulations and rules about taxes, write-offs and income change.

As an individual who files their own taxes or depends on a professional to do it on their behalf, you are vulnerable to mistakes that could lead to accusations of tax evasion or even criminal charges. However, Americans tend to pride themselves on their independence, which can also include a desire to build their own wealth.

How does Colorado charge people accused of embezzlement?

Theft crimes can carry harsh penalties, with certain, aggravating factors leading to more dire consequences for the person accused. Theft crimes involving weapons, violence or a breach of trust can often carry more significant consequences than simple petty theft.

Embezzlement is a form of theft that violates the trust inherent in an employment relationship, as embezzlement is the crime of stealing or misappropriating assets or funds from your employer. On a very small scale, some forms of this common white-collar crime may result in misdemeanor offenses.

Reduce conflict to help children during a divorce

As parents of children who are going through a divorce with you, you should know that limiting conflict is the best thing you can do for them. Children who are caught in the middle of conflicts may struggle in many ways, so it's up to parents to do their best to be respectful to one another and to help make life easier for their children.

Reducing conflict can be easier said than done, but there are some wonderful tips to help you do so. Your children will thank you if you're able to reduce the aggression and anxiety that they're exposed to.

A first offense DUI is serious business for a minor

You knew that your children liked to go out and drink. As a parent of teenagers, you also knew that they could get in trouble with the law if they got caught. Despite that, you felt it was safer to allow them to drink with supervision.

For the most part, they stayed out of trouble by drinking when adults allowed them to do so. For example, during one of your summer parties, you allowed your children to have beers with the rest of the family.

When your custom-built home isn't what you paid for, take action

Building a home designed to meet your exact wishes is a dream come true for many people in Colorado. You may have spent much of your adult life saving or accruing equity in a starter home with the hope of eventually building the house of your dreams.

It is common to have specific preferences about your custom home, from the color of the walls and each individual room to the kind of flooring you want. When you pay top dollar for a custom-built home, you deserve to get exactly what you pay for. Unfortunately, there are some people working in the real estate and development world who will put profits over the satisfaction of their customers.

Why pursuing a collaborative divorce will be worth it

The period of time surrounding a divorce can be one of the most stressful points in a person's life. High stress can cause a person to make rash decisions and to become easily irritated. It is important to be aware of this because when chronic stress goes unchecked, it can lead to a downward spiral of anger and irrationality.

This is why it is important to make every effort to minimize the stress that you will have to face in the divorce process. While there's likely no way to avoid the uncomfortable emotions associated with a divorce, there are things you can do to avoid toxic interactions and disputes. One of the ways you can do this is by pursuing a collaborative divorce.

Corporate fraud: What is it?

White-collar crime has long been an issue in business, and it was officially named in around 1939. These crimes include a range of frauds that are generally non-violent. Some types of white-collar crimes including money laundering, mortgage fraud and health care fraud.

White-collar crimes are usually committed by businesses or professionals who work for the government. The motivation is usually financial, helping the person committing the crime seek out additional money, property or services. Sometimes, the crime is a way to secure an advantage of another kind.

Tips to help you and your spouse get along during divorce

Generally speaking, collaborative divorce provides a better experience for all involved: you, your spouse and your kids. If possible, you want to get along and work together. That's how you get an outcome that makes everyone happy. It's how you create a low-conflict divorce that does not drag on unnecessarily.

That said, getting along with your spouse during a divorce is not always easy. Maybe they fell for someone else and asked you for a divorce, and you feel hurt and angry because of it. Maybe they have financial problems that you just couldn't deal with anymore, and they're angry that you wanted to split up.



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