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Paying taxes is vital to protecting your freedoms

One of the things that can get you into trouble with the law is not paying your taxes. If you hide your income or fail to file the correct taxes, you could face heavy fines or penalties.

The Internal Revenue Service doesn't want every person who fails to file to end up in jail. It realizes that people make mistakes and that there are reasons why people don't always pay on time. For that reason, the IRS will listen to your reasons for not filing or paying taxes before determining if it wants to negotiate through an installment plan, reduce your tax liability or criminally prosecute you.

How are drug courts changing lives?

Addiction is a problem that leads to many people struggling with alcohol abuse. In society, this is often looked down upon, but things are changing. People who struggle with addiction need support, not time in prison.

In today's judicial world, drug courts make it possible to trade in time in prison for time in a rehabilitation clinic. Nonviolent offenders get a chance to reduce their penalties by getting the help they need.

Working toward an uncontested divorce is may be best for children

Divorce can have a significantly damaging impact on children. In fact, it is one of the recognized adverse childhood experiences that can have an impact on mental and physical health for the rest of a child's life.

Obviously, as a loving parent, you want to minimize the mental and physical impact of divorce on your children. It will take some effort from you and your spouse to do so. Thankfully, there are options available that can minimize the amount of stress and strain your children experience during divorce.

Failing to file a tax return could result in tax evasion charges

There is a popular saying that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. Some people would love to avoid their obligation when it comes to paying taxes to the federal government. There are many tactics that people employ to minimize their responsibility to pay taxes.

From deferred income to creating trusts, there are myriad potential tax schemes that can help people prevent paying more than they absolutely must. Not all attempts at decreasing tax liability are a smart decision, however.

Racketeering: A serious offense that requires a defense

Racketeering, or when organized groups run illegal businesses, is a problem throughout the United States. These businesses, known as rackets, are essentially an organized crime ring. Public and private institutions are harmed by the rackets, because the rackets tend to embezzle funds through legitimate organizations.

This is such a serious offense that the federal and state governments have specific laws to prosecute those who participate in racketeering. If you're accused, it's vital that you take steps to protect yourself right away. It's possible to face false accusations, but don't take it for granted that you'll walk away without penalties even if you are innocent. Knowledge about the laws can help you be better prepared for what could happen next.

Understanding a defect versus an error in construction

Before you seek out a lawsuit for construction defects, it's a good idea to look into whether the defect was naturally occurring or if it's a result of mistakes made by your construction team. Construction defects are a common cause of disputes and lawsuits, and this comes down to the fact that definitions vary between states.

Typically, it's understood that defects are defects in the design, workmanship or materials used in a project that then results in the failure of part or all of that structure or project.

What is the police use of force spectrum?

Police officers in Colorado must be careful not to exert too much force on someone while they're enforcing the law. They must evaluate the situation and the threat presented by the individual they're dealing with, and then use an appropriate amount of force -- if any force at all. This force can be evaluated via the "police use of force spectrum."

Police officers don't always follow the rules when it comes to the level of force they should exert. When this over-exertion results in serious injuries, the injured person may have a viable claim to pursue personal injury damages in court. During the litigation of such cases the "police use of force spectrum" could become an important benchmark for judging how appropriately the police performed given the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Legal marijuana in Colorado created new opportunities for fraud

Anytime there is money for someone to make, there is potential for abuse, theft and fraud. When Colorado became the first state in the country to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use, most people felt excited.

After all, this change in law would reduce crime across the state by eliminating most petty marijuana dealers and creating a regulated market. This would divert money away from actual cartels and empower people in Colorado to become marijuana entrepreneurs. In practice, legalized marijuana has had quite a few benefits for the state.

Are 'divorce parties' healthy?

You've might have heard them mentioned by friends. You may have even been to one -- a "divorce party." Whether these parties are appropriate doesn't seem to be deterring newly single spouses and their friends from throwing or attending them.

Nevertheless, you might have some concerns, not the least of which might be whether there should be celebrations to mark the end of marriages.

Yes, marijuana use can still lead to a DUI

Even though recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, it is still recognized as a drug that could lead to impairment. As a result, it's possible to end up facing a DUI charge for using marijuana and getting behind the wheel of your vehicle, even though you may have legally used the drug.

In a case like yours, think of marijuana much like alcohol. You're able to use it, but if you have too much, then your ability to drive could be impacted. To prevent you or others from using drugs and then driving, the law has to restrict your right to drive while impaired.



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