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Why bad cabinets can be a construction defect in the Denver area

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2024 | Civil Litigation

Cabinets serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. For example, they offer storage solutions while enhancing the overall appeal of a home.

However, in the Denver area, the installation of subpar cabinets can escalate into a construction defect, posing challenges for homeowners.

Structural integrity at stake

The structural integrity of a property has close links to the quality of its construction components. Cabinets, being an integral part of the overall structure, contribute to the stability of walls and other supporting elements. Poorly constructed or poorly installed cabinets can compromise the structural soundness of the entire building. In Denver, where weather conditions can be harsh, any compromise in structural integrity may lead to more significant problems over time.

Moisture and mold concerns

Denver’s climate has low humidity and occasional temperature fluctuations. Inadequate cabinets can exacerbate moisture-related issues, potentially leading to the growth of mold and mildew. The improper sealing or construction of cabinets may allow moisture to penetrate, creating an environment conducive to mold formation. Homeowners may find themselves facing not only the cost of cabinet replacement but also the expenses associated with mold remediation.

Functional implications

Beyond structural concerns, poorly designed or installed cabinets can significantly impact their functionality. Drawers that do not glide smoothly, doors that do not close properly or shelves that sag under the weight of items can hinder the day-to-day use of the kitchen or bathroom. Homeowners in Denver may find themselves dealing with frustration and inconvenience.

Property value and marketability

In the Denver real estate market, where competition is keen, property value and marketability are important factors. Homes with substandard cabinets may face challenges when it comes to attracting potential buyers. Prospective homeowners may not want to invest additional funds in cabinet replacements shortly after purchasing a property.

Homeowners should address any cabinet concerns promptly to ensure the longevity and value of their properties in the Denver real estate market.

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