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Explore All Your Options For Post-Conviction Relief

Post-conviction relief refers to your right to challenge your verdict or your sentence. To fully exercise your rights regarding post-conviction relief, you need the help of an attorney who understands the ins and outs of the criminal justice system.

At Geigle | Morales, LLC, we are the team to help you explore your options and fight for post-conviction relief. Based in Denver, we help clients throughout Colorado who have convictions on their records. We can explore a variety of post-conviction relief options, including:

  • Rule 35(b) motions to reconsider and reduce sentences
  • Rule 35(c) motions to set aside convictions
  • Sealing records and/or expungement
  • Removal from the sex offender registry

Our attorney team has a former prosecutor and a former public defender who will do what it takes to build a successful strategy for obtaining post-conviction relief, since we have seen countless criminal law cases similar to yours.

What To Know About Post-Conviction Relief

The conviction and sentencing are not necessarily the end of your case. Following appeal issues may remain that can be raised and litigated in the District Court related to ineffective assistance of trial counsel, newly discovered evidence, and illegal sentencing, to name a few. Our attorneys are experienced trial attorneys that know how to conduct investigation into prior counsel’s performance and discover new evidence.  Our attorneys have numerous successful petitions for post-conviction relief under their belts and are effective and prepared litigators in this area.

What Is A Writ Of Habeas Corpus?

A writ of habeas corpus challenges the legality of your confinement. If you are currently incarcerated, we can use a habeas corpus petition to claim that the state is holding you in violation of the law. If such a petition is successful, it could lead to your release from prison.

Ask Our Attorneys About Your Options

Do not give up, even if you have already received a verdict and a sentence. We can help you, but you should contact us as quickly as possible so we do not miss any deadlines. To reach us, please call 303-731-2708 or send us an email today.