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Serious Attorneys For Clients Facing Serious Sex Crime Charges

Prosecutors of Internet luring and child exploitation-related crimes will fight your case to the limits of the law as they try to convict you. The law is meant to protect you from this. You are likely up against serious harm to your reputation and stressed about your unknown future. You should not have to fight for rights that are already yours. A vigilant lawyer will take on that burden and make sure you have a fair trial.

At Geigle | Morales, our caring attorneys provide legal counsel and protection to defendants in a wide-range of criminal cases, including various sex crimes. Our office is in Denver, and we serve clients throughout the surrounding metro areas.

Registry And Restrictions For Luring, Exploitation And Assault Crimes

If convicted, you could face more than just years of imprisonment. You will be registered as a sex offender. Sex offenders’ basic information such as full name, addresses, the type of offense and even photograph are available for public access. Registered offenders also face limits on general freedoms such as traveling and living locations.

Many of these crimes begin with the use of electronic communication, often at the exploitation and luring of a child. As a registered sex offender, you could even have restrictions in your use of computer equipment or other forms of electronic communication. A probation officer may also conduct an occasional unannounced search of these devices.

Protect Your Future – Call Us

Our skilled lawyers will counsel you throughout the many legal challenges ahead. What’s more, the firm recognizes the gravity of these charges and what they mean in Colorado. We put every effort into seeing our clients have a positive outlook on their case. We are well-prepared to represent and serve you. Call 303-731-2708 or send an email to arrange a consultation.