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Can I Really Get Off The Sex Offender Registry?

Being on the sex offender registry can be a destructive force in a person’s life. It can prevent you from obtaining the job you want, advancing your education, finding housing and even building relationships. Although life might seem hopeless if you are currently a registered sex offender, you should look into sex offender deregistration. It can offer you a chance to move away from your past and start over again.

At Geigle | Morales, LLC, we understand the stigma associated with sex offenses and the humiliation that can come with the registration requirement. Our team of attorneys are committed to protecting your rights of people convicted of sex crimes and assisting with petitions to deregister. We have helped thousands of clients throughout Colorado get their names off the list so they can move forward with their lives.

What To Know About Petitioning to Deregister

You must file a petition to have the court consider your eligibility for removal from the sex offender registry. There are waiting periods following completion of the sentence imposed, based on criminal offense. These periods are generally as follows:

  • Class 1-3 felony: 20 years
  • Class 4-6 felony and class 1 misdemeanor for unlawful sexual contact: 10 years
  • Other misdemeanor for indecent exposure: 5 years

To put your petition in the best position for success, have an attorney on your side. We will help you complete the necessary paperwork and supplement the petition with documentation that will present your case to the court in the most favorable light.

Who Is Eligible?

Not every registered sex offender qualifies for deregistration. The court will not consider your petition if:

  • Your offense involved a child
  • Your offense involved incest
  • The state has deemed you a sexually violent predator
  • You were convicted of sexual assault
  • You have been twice or more convicted of a sex offense
  • You were a psychotherapist convicted of assaulting a client

You should sit down with us and discuss the circumstances of your conviction. We will determine whether you have the right to seek deregistration and then explore your choices.

Take Back Your Life – Get Our Help Now

You could get your life back on track by having your name taken off the sex offender registry. Our lawyers can help. Schedule your initial consultation with our office in Denver by calling 303-731-2708 or by using our online contact form.