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Defend Your Child Custody And Parenting Time

For many parents, losing their visitation or child custody rights is their biggest fear. If you are going through a divorce or legal separation, you should have a knowledgeable child custody attorney by your side. At Geigle | Morales, we protect our clients’ child custody rights so that they can play an active role in their children’s lives.

If you are facing a child custody dispute or need a modification to an existing custody order, call 303-731-2708. Our Denver firm represents family law clients across the metropolitan area. Our lawyers have years of legal experience and we do not back down from challenging child custody cases.

We Will Do Everything In Our Power To Help You And Your Children

Colorado law states that a child custody agreement must be based on what is in the child’s “best interests.” Our skilled attorneys will work to get you a favorable custody agreement that still represents the best interests of the child. We can help you in negotiations with an ex-spouse before a family court judge.

We help clients with all aspects of a child custody agreement, including:

  • The ability to make key decisions about a child’s life
  • Custody and visitation calendars
  • Child support payments and other monetary support
  • Religious upbringing and customs
  • Where the child will live, called physical custody

Aggressive Lawyers For Custody Modifications

Once a child custody agreement is established, the Colorado family courts are generally hesitant to change it. Because of the difficulty in changing these agreements, it is important to get the best possible custody agreement during your divorce or legal separation. We can determine if changes are possible to your custody agreement and explain to the courts your significant change in circumstances.

Get Proven Help With Your Custody Dispute

Our family law attorneys will help you protect your parental rights and let you maintain a positive relationship with your child. You can call us at 303-731-2708 or email us to set up your first meeting.