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Collaborative divorce comes with benefits

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2022 | Family Law

Popular media often depicts divorce as a drama-laden, contentious process filled with angst and fighting. In real life, there is the potential for a divorce to turn out like this, but there is also the potential for divorce to be simple and amicable.

Collaborative divorce is when both spouses agree to avoid litigation and instead work together to come to mutually satisfying terms. It helps reduce conflict both during and after proceedings and is advantageous in more than one way.

It costs less

Litigation may easily and quickly become expensive due to court and legal counsel fees. Individuals tend to spend less on the latter and avoid the former during a collaborative divorce. Since collaborative divorce is also often faster, the swifter resolution also helps lower costs.

It brings happier conclusions

While there is no absolute, individuals who participate in a collaborative divorce versus a litigated one often leave feeling more satisfied since all parties negotiate until they are happy. Judges do not dictate the final decisions. The proceedings are not open to public perusal and there is no need for duking it out in a courtroom.

Any minor children involved also have a more buffered experience. There is no appearing in court and no having to talk with judges for them. Since the parents are often able to maintain a peaceful relationship, co-parenting may benefit from it, which may help the children in the future. Overall, there is usually less anguish and resentment-driven battling.

Collaborative divorce comes with many benefits. It is cheaper, more time-efficient and generally provides more positive results and experiences for both the negotiating parties and any children they may have.

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