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3 social media posts to avoid during divorce proceedings

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2022 | Family Law

If you are in the midst of divorcing your spouse, take extra precautions if you continue to use social media. Remember that your soon-to-be ex can use anything you post online against you in court.

As a general rule, refrain from posting anything illegal, immoral or questionable on social media platforms, especially during your divorce.

1. Case specifics

Even if you feel jealous, overwhelmed or mistreated, do not turn to social media to rant and divulge all the details of your divorce. Your internet friends and followers may feel like a great support system during this time, but revealing posts may damage your case and break attorney-client privilege. Instead, turn to your attorney or therapist for support and guidance.

2. New relationship status

Avoid updating your relationship status on any of your socials, especially if you have a new significant other. Delay posting content of you with your new person. Even if you choose to quickly move on from the relationship, do so privately as making your ex jealous during the divorce could make the rest of the process more combative and difficult overall.

3. Derogatory comments

Do not use social media to air your grievances. Even if your spouse, their attorney, any mediator or the presiding judge is awful and made mistakes, keep these thoughts to yourself and your attorney. Not only do you not want your children to see the disparaging things you posted about their other parent, but impassioned internet posting may also harm your case.

In the meantime, take the time to change your privacy settings on each of your social media accounts to the highest security and stay quiet on the internet.

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