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3 benefits of a collaborative divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2020 | Family Law

The decision to divorce is not made lightly. When one or both spouses no longer wants to remain married, the only legal action to take is divorce.

Colorado law gives couples a few options when it comes to legally ending their marriage. One of these involves hashing out an agreement in a collaborative effort. Spouses who take the opportunity to come to their divorce in the collaborative process may reap these three benefits, among others.

1. It keeps hostile feelings at bay

Collaborative divorce requires the help of third parties. It focuses on the needs, wants and wishes of the spouses. Through conversation and compromise, a couple may come to the final disposition of things such as property, assets, debts and child custody issues without harboring bitter or angry feelings towards each other. A collaborative divorce may result in less negativity.

2. It may result in a quicker divorce

If a couple can agree on all issues and alert the court of the agreement, it may result in a quicker divorce. Conventional divorce proceedings involve many court filings and appearances. If a couple needs a judge to make decisions for them, the process may go on for well over a year.

3. It keeps decisions in the couple’s hands

Going to court when an impasse occurs is one way to get through it. However, doing this results in a third-party deciding a couple’s future. While one spouse may feel victorious, both ultimately lose in the end. Thus, attempting a collaborative divorce keeps the decision-making in the couple’s hands and gives them control over the outcome.

Learning to compromise and work together during a divorce allows couples to move forward through life with a less contentious relationship. This helps facilitate healing for all.


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