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Are ‘divorce parties’ healthy?

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2018 | Family Law

You’ve might have heard them mentioned by friends. You may have even been to one — a “divorce party.” Whether these parties are appropriate doesn’t seem to be deterring newly single spouses and their friends from throwing or attending them.

Nevertheless, you might have some concerns, not the least of which might be whether there should be celebrations to mark the end of marriages.

Are divorce parties a good idea?

Are divorce parties psychologically healthy for the parents, their children and the participants? Communities celebrate major life events like funerals, graduations and marriages with parties. Why don’t they celebrate divorces this way? It seems that divorces don’t get to benefit from a celebratory right of passage, which may leave some spouses with a lack of closure relating to their relationships. In this sense, a divorce party that brings closure to a relationship could be a good idea perhaps.

Divorce parties are structured in many different ways. Sometimes, a spouse will go on a solo trip somewhere and refer to it as his or her divorce celebration. In other cases, divorcing spouses will plan elaborate get-togethers with friends to mark the ends of their marriages.

Whether or not such a party is healthy or beneficial probably depends on the nature of the couple’s marriage. For example, if a couple feels that they are great friends and will be even better friends after they’re divorced, then a party is an excellent idea. It can even help everyone see the couple as friends in their newly-defined roles as singles. This could also be helpful to the children by minimizing conflict and showing them that their parents continue to love each other platonically.

On the other hand, if the spouses are constantly fighting and never seemed to get along, then a forced divorce party just because it’s stylish to have one may be a bad idea. One never knows what could happen at a fiesta, and if the spouses were to fall into an argument, untold damage could be done.

Are you ready for your divorce party?

Whether you want to throw a divorce party or not, it’s prudent to learn as much as you can about your family’s situation and needs. You should also remain abreast of Colorado divorce statutes. Doing so will help you navigate your divorce and any resulting family law settlement proceedings more efficiently.

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