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What should you do when a contractor messes up your project?

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Civil Litigation

Building a new home or remodeling your current residence is stressful enough, but what happens when your contractor messes up? Chances are you put a lot of funds into your project, so when your contractor makes mistakes, you want them fixed or you want your money back.

In Colorado, the Construction Defect Action Reform Act (CDARA) covers construction defects. This law ensures that homeowners have protection against shoddy construction and that they may receive damages based on the fair market value of the property. So how can you ensure that you get the damages you deserve?

Document everything

Having the proper documentation for your project typically includes all contracts signed by both you and your contractor. Breach of contract is a common issue surrounding construction defects, so if you think your contractor broke your contract, you need to have your copy of the document to prove your case.

Do not wait to report

CDARA put into place a statute of limitations surrounding construction defect claims. You must report an issue within two years of when the defect occurred. If an improvement to your property caused the issue was caused, you have six years to file a claim. Also, once you have filed a claim, you have only 60 days to provide a full list of defects to the court and to the contractor.

When you hire a professional, you expect professional results. If what you get is not what you expected, it is your right to get it fixed or get your money back.

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