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3 reasons to choose an attorney familiar with going to trial

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2018 | Criminal Defense

When people think about divorces, most don’t think they’ll end up at a trial. For the most part, it’s possible to avoid going to trial if both parties agree to their settlement arrangements and child custody issues. However, in contentious divorces, it’s less likely that a couple can come to a fair agreement. In that case, both people will likely need to go to court for a divorce trial.

The only time people usually end up in court is if they can’t agree. When that happens, you need an attorney who is familiar with the trial process for divorces. He or she will need to file a motion to seek assistance from a judge. A court hearing is then scheduled and the judge listens to each side’s arguments.

Why is it important to work with an attorney familiar with going to trial? It should be self-explanatory. You want someone who knows how to present your side of the story in a convincing way. You want someone familiar with filing motions and appeals. You also want to know that your attorney has the education needed to get you through a divorce, no matter what you have to do to make that happen.

1. Choose a convincing attorney

Attorneys learn what they can about law at school, but being a convincing and detail-oriented individual is something not all attorneys possess. Choose an attorney who knows how to debate and argue with others in a manner that leads them to helping their clients. Look at your attorney’s track record and make sure he or she has won cases or settlements for clients in the past.

2. Pick an attorney familiar with the divorce process

Not all divorce attorneys feel comfortable going to trial. Many encourage mediation and arbitration along with settlements to avoid trials and hearings. If you believe your case is going to end up in court, work with someone whom you know has experience in the court room.

3. Choose an attorney with a background in family law

Of course, it should go without saying, but it’s vital that you work with an attorney with a background in family law. Look into your attorney’s background and education to see how long he or she has worked as an attorney and to learn more about his or her preferences when it comes to resolving cases. Finding an attorney with a long history of resolving divorces quickly is key to your success in court.

Choosing the right attorney for your divorce makes a difference. The right decisions now can save you time and money later.

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